What is Light Bladder Leakage (LBL)?

What is Light Bladder Leakage (LBL)?

You may know that older women often use incontinence products due to a loss of bladder control as they advance in age, but did you know that bladder leakage can actually start at a much earlier time? If you do, it's probably because you've experienced something called light bladder leakage, or LBL.1

LBL is a small amount of unintentional urinary leakage and it can be caused by a variety of factors.1 Here is an overview of what LBL is, and how you can protect yourself from the occurrence of unexpected moisture of any kind throughout your daily life.

What is Light Bladder Leakage (LBL)?

Weak bladder muscles and similar issues may cause younger women to leak small amounts of urine from time to time, a condition that can worsen as you age.1 An important thing to remember is that the vast majority of women experience LBL in varying degrees over the course of their lives, and it's totally normal.1 With that in mind, no one wants to feel less than their most comfortable over the course of the day, and LBL can cause unwanted discomfort when it occurs.

Why Does LBL Occur and Worsen With Age?

It's pretty simple: most women are naturally predisposed to experience urinary leakage due to their bladder muscles and pelvic floor (the muscles that keep the pelvic organs in place) not being strong enough to hold it in when laughing, sneezing, or performing physical activity, for example.2 As you age, other factors affect these areas.2

Pregnancy and childbirth can damage and weaken the pelvic floor and cause nerve damage, making it more difficult to hold in urine.3 Pelvic surgeries like hysterectomies and similar operations may also have an effect, but one of the most common causes of increasing LBL is simply aging.1

Here's the deal: as you get older, your bladder capacity decreases, meaning that you have to use the toilet more often. This is normal but combined with a weaker pelvic floor, more urine will leak out on a regular basis.1

What Can You Do About LBL?

Unfortunately, there are few things you can do to prevent LBL, but you can certainly account for it. It's likely that you already use pads as your preferred method of protection when on your period, but for a variety of leakage options, you need a product that will give you a diverse range of protections. Stayfree® Ultra Thin Pads give you protection from the most common sources of moisture — menstrual bleeding and spotting, perspiration, light bladder leakage, and more — all with fast leak-absorption and odor protection.

LBL can cause you to feel less than your best. After all, you don't want to have to worry about leakage and discomfort when trying to navigate everything that daily life throws at you. You deserve a pad that gives you the discreet comfort you need and up to eight hours of dry, odor-free protection. For All-in-One protection for periods, leaks, and everything in between, you can trust Stayfree® Ultra Thin.

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