Stayfree® for Women with Protection Needs

  • Expect the Unexpected!

    During pregnancy and the days and months after you have given birth, it helps to be prepared for, well, almost anything. And we’re not just talking about those 2 a.m. feedings!

    You can depend on STAYFREE® products for superior protection for a number of issues you may be facing.

    We invite you to read about some of these issues. And about how STAYFREE® products can help.

  • Bladder ControlAccidents Happen

    If sneezing or coughing cause you to lose control, don't worry.
  • Adult Urinary Incontinence (AUI)More Common in Women

  • Spot BleedingAlert Your Doctor

    Any bleeding during pregnancy is cause for concern.
  • Protection ApproachesNew Life…New Protection

    Versatile protection solutions for pregnancy and beyond.
  • Products for Moms and Women with Changing Protection Needs

    Stayfree® offers a full range of solutions for feminine protection during your pregnancy and beyond.