• Stayfree® Maxi Pads

    Now with All-in-One multi-fluid absorption for periods, leaks and moisture. Stayfree® Maxi pads are 30% more absorbent* and provide 8 hours of protection.
    LEARN MORE *When compared to Stayfree Ultra Thin of the same absorbency.

  • Don't Let LBL Stop You

    Light Bladder Leakage shouldn't stop you in your tracks! Stayfree® Ultra Thin Pads with All-in-One protection combine super absorbent materials to lock in moisture quickly and hold it in, keeping you dry for up to 8 hours. Learn More

  • New Stayfree® Ultra Thin Pads

    Our New All-in-One multi-fluid technology locks in fluids faster*, whether it's your period, moisture, or leaks.
    *vs. leading value brand average LBL insult while sitting.


  • Track Your Period

    Our Period Predictor makes it easier than ever to track your monthly cycle so you plan ahead for special occasions, vacations, or even ovulation if you’re trying to conceive.
    Start Tracking

Stayfree® Ultra Thin Pads with Wings

Our new All-in-One Ultra Thin pads lock in moisture quickly and hold it in, keeping the pad dry up to 8 hours.


Stayfree® Maxi Pads

A maxi pad that actively prevents and neutralizes odors, while providing up to 8 hours of protection.


Stayfree® Overnight Pads

Worry-free leak protection while you sleep. Our Ultra Thin Overnight pads lock in fluid fast for exceptional dryness and comfort for up to 10 hours.



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